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As your questions came in we listened up and brought you F.A.M.E. & More for uploads that were simply un-showcased

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Random Acts Of Stupidity 

Clients can rent the minds of a team unhinged adequately enough to favor to a request to help the causes we fight for and generate CASH!

The Currently Social Tour

The world is a place where you never want to assume the best always. More times than not you will be disregarded and overlooked. So here at The Currently Social Squad we call that porposturious. Come as a client and boost your confidence, have fun, and never die horny.

Life Favors

Do you hate your neighbor for his dog piss on your porch and yard?

Does sitting alone get you feeling funny? 

Or, do you simply get a feeling sometimes and now want to get revenge?

This team works well and I mean well at that..


Whether you are an artist, a company, or an individual, you have a story to tell. Let us through film and video production. The best will be outlined and praised and the rest, well we will laugh at publicly.

Fundraising For Future Projects

Whether you be big poppa or even if the ladys tend to drop ya

everyone here still has that moment of chaos when pushed to the side in life and at times left dry raisins for nuts. Let us help you. Women we got your back too, and your bags. This team will not let you leave unraveled. So let our Squad lead you with their expert advice, tips and training to make you into the finest fit for a true felt relationship with someone. Will you rank with the Elite? 

Relationship Advice

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Video Title

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Theatrical Gems

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